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Improve your Painting Skills Today

Explore the colorful world of painting with Patti Mollica and discover how to paint with confidence. Known for her bold paintings and love of bright colors, her techniques inspire you to be creative and try new techniques. Learn her unique methods that infuse any subject with energy and vibrance.

Whether you're a seasoned artist needing fresh inspiration or a curious beginner eager to embark on a colorful journey, Mollica's tutorials and courses are your gateway to learning her proven methods that will unlock your artistic potential.

Studying with Patti Mollica offers artists a unique opportunity to develop their skills from a highly skilled and experienced artist. With her clear and concise instruction, you can gain a solid understanding of basic, foundational principles while being encouraged to explore your own individual style.

Upon enrollment you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded art enthusiasts in a private, supportive group environment that will foster your development. It's a place where you can feel supported while you explore and grow as an artist.

Enroll today, and join the many artists who have learned how to confidently experiment with bold unconventional color palettes and loosening-up techniques. They have successfully transformed their paintings under Patti's guidance, and you can too.

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