Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds are available for up to 7 days from the purchase of the course. Buyer will have access to Lesson 1 video, charts and homework exercises. Full refund will be given if buyer is not fully satisfied with purchase. After 7 days no refunds will be issued.

No hidden costs. Several books and videos authored by Patti Mollica  are suggested for more topic-specific information, but not required.

Buyers will have access to the course for 1 year from date of purchase.

Click here for a suggested list of supplies for acrylic / oil painters. Certain basic colors are listed as “required”. All  supplies and brands are suggested, not mandatory.

Color Theory is not media-specific. However the course exercises, lessons and demos are most suited to acrylic and oil painters. If you work in other media, the lessons should be interpretted to suit the media you work in. Watercolor painters will use another method for value checking. Ask for email instructions.

This course is suited to all levels. beginner thru advanced. My suggestion to painters is to work with the supplied photo reference images that match their level. I.e. Beginner painters should work with the photos that have simple shapes and are easy to draw - such as pears, apples, or lemon slices. Intermediate / advanced painters should also choose images that are appropriate to their drawing and painting skills. We improve our skills by taking on challenges that are beyond our level. But that also creates frustration if we have taken on more than we are capable of. Try to find the right balance so you are challenged and insprired, but not defeated. Art is a long journey - pace yourself!

This course is "semi" self-study. In general, students will not receive personal critiques. However your Facebook classmates are encouraged to offer advice -  if you ask for it.  Students should not offer advice or "constructive critisism" unless it is specifically asked for. That being said, the group is for sharing, offering support and feedback. Working in solitude can be very limiting as an artist. It is invaluable to have fellow classmates who are working on the exact same exercises and can offer their insights and unique solutions to challenges you may encounter. It is also incredibly eye-opening to see how every artist handles each assignment differently. Through this group exposure you will be inspired by seeing new ways of handling common issues. Please interact kindly and respectfully with your group members. If you have questions, ask in the Facebook group. If you have problems logging in or accessing course lessons, contact:

 The beauty of being a member of a group community vs. in-person workshops is that so much can be learned by seeing how your classmates interpret and handle the exact same homework assignment using the exact same reference. This levels the playing field and enhances the opportunity for learning quickly by seeing new ways of handling the same challenges. The online format in some ways offers much more targeted learning than the physical classrooms, where students rarely see each others’ work- unless there is a group critique.  Students can post their homework paintings (optional), share tips and techniques, learn from - and grow with their classmates. An added benefit is that by sharing your journey with so many like minded artists, new friendships are inevitable.  

 Generally speaking you can interpret the assignments in any way you choose.  They will not be "graded" or scrutinized for any type of accuracy. The exercises are for you to learn. If you are confused about anything, please:  1) reach out to your classmates or 2) ask the Facebook moderator 

You will learn color strategies that will result in harmonious, unified colors - no matter what colors you use. You will learn how to paint using colors of your choice - based on your preferences rather than being bound by the colors of realism. This will give you the freedom and confidence to express yourself more uniquely and artistically with the color choices you make,

You may subscribe to the Inner Circle Membership when it is announced.  Upon being a member, you will have access to monthly demos, critiques,  painting challenges, Zoom meetings with Patti, peer to peer support, and unlimited access to the library of video demos. The membership will be available for purchase in September 2022.